Kim Freire by Photographer Eber Figueira

Kim-Freire-by-Photographer-Eder-Figueira-01 Kim-Freire-by-Photographer-Eder-Figueira-02 Kim-Freire-by-Photographer-Eder-Figueira-03 Kim-Freire-by-Photographer-Eder-Figueira-04 Kim-Freire-by-Photographer-Eder-Figueira-05

Blond adonis, Kim Freire, at 40 Graus Models, steps into the beautiful outdoors for a splendid shoot by photographer Eber Figueira.

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  1. Sexy doesn’t even begin to ….explain how Gorgeous these shots are, Androgynous / Masculinity a Oxymoron is my simplest description. A Beautiful Body, Face, photography so fitting. when it all works it’s beautiful and Kim is all that. Eber worked Kim, Thank YOU!

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    Uber Eber, Eber hit a homerun, Kim is ultra sexy and a face and body of a modern Mythological God! Pretty Damn Hot!

  3. He is are kwaliteit A very good model or dressman for underwear, mode and reclame shots.

  4. […] newcomer Luiz Henrique Gehlen, 25yo, right away when I saw the above images photographed by Eber Figueira, I decided this is the NEW FACE for us. My sympathy is justified as soon as I heard he had DNA […]

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