Nicolas Ripoll for El País Semanal

Nicolas-Ripoll-El-Pais-Semanal-Gorka-Postigo-01 Nicolas-Ripoll-El-Pais-Semanal-Gorka-Postigo-02 Nicolas-Ripoll-El-Pais-Semanal-Gorka-Postigo-03 Nicolas-Ripoll-El-Pais-Semanal-Gorka-Postigo-04 Nicolas-Ripoll-El-Pais-Semanal-Gorka-Postigo-05 Nicolas-Ripoll-El-Pais-Semanal-Gorka-Postigo-06 Nicolas-Ripoll-El-Pais-Semanal-Gorka-Postigo-07Fashion photographer Gorka Postigo captures the splendid El Pais Semanal session with top model Nicolas Ripoll styled by Nono Vazquez. Set design by Pablo Limon, grooming by Ricardo Calero.

Assistant Javier Lopes, digital artwork by Yague Studio.

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