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Photographer Sean P. Watters recenlty shot a 12page editorial for JON Magazine featuring the talents from major fashion campaigns: The current face of  Tom Ford, Conrad Bromfield (Ford), current Diesel campaign model Dylan Fosket (IMG),  DKNY muse Marius Survila (IMG), along with rising stars Gian Luca (Q) and Tiambay (Red Citizen).

JON’s the one you’ve seen ride by on his bike or that new guy in Chemistry class. Or maybe he works at your bar or lives in your apartment building. Either way, we’d like you to pick him up and tote him around town, all beautiful 96 pages. Editors Leigh and Stephen asked a bunch of talented creatives from around the world to each make a story for JON issue one – our special first edition, of which we carefully produced 500 copies for only the most special of magazine consumers.

JON is a mens fashion magazine with a focus on the hottest models of the season, with a column by blogger Portis Wasp and seven fashion editorials, in a perfect bound 96 page print magazine measuring 5.8 x 8.3 inches.

JON is published four times a year by Leigh Keily and Stephen Conway.

So get your JON today. He’s waiting, and he’s cute.

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