David John Craig by Gabriel Gastelum

Taken from talented Photographer portfolio, who I really admire, Gabriel Gastelum and David John Craig.

David John Craig

Joy. God. Love. Music. Style. Pain. Trust. Family. Truth. Sex. Passion. Creativity. Freedom. Mind. Body. Spirit. Heart. Friendship. Loyalty. Growth. Fear. Art. Life.

Meet David John Craig.

He is going to be big one day. Just watch. He’s on his way.

I absolutely enjoyed this portrait session with David. Its session like this that I prefer. In Los Angeles, everyone is looking for headshots. Everyone in the industry at least. Headshots are great, but these type of pictures I will prefer to do 100 percent more than a simple headshot session.

You learn so much from the person just by photographing them as themselves.

My favorite? I was playing around with the light and my camera settings. David noticed a guitar and asked if he could play. He picked it up and started playing. Totally in his zone.

I loved capturing that moment.

Here are my favorites from our session.


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