Stone Island Fall/Winter 2013

Stone Island preps for the fall/winter 2013 season with the release of their new look book featuring Italian model Simone Nobili. Stone Island studies three-dimensional elements. An investigation that involves materials, techniques, treatments, dyes besides the architecture of the garments.
The exaltation of garment dyeing and garment over-dyeing. Accurate recipes for matching tones or to obtain the same identical shade of color for garments in Mix Fabric. Embracing a camouflage print for the season, the active spirit of Stone Island is engaged with thoughts of the outdoors. From quilting to fine insulation, the label ensures that their man is ready for the cool days ahead.
An investigation of Camouflage, with a pattern exploding in three different sizes, used alone or in combination within one garment and over-dyed to achieve specific hues.

If you agree with me with this great collection, should the check and buy some pieces that are highly recommended, as an example the wide range of jackets that Stone Island Collection has on his web site at http://www.infinities.co.uk/stone-island-m27

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