Oki-Ni STYLED by Julian Ganio

oki-ni-by-julian-ganio-1 oki-ni-by-julian-ganio-2 oki-ni-by-julian-ganio-3 oki-ni-by-julian-ganio-4 oki-ni-by-julian-ganio-5 oki-ni-by-julian-ganio-6 oki-ni-by-julian-ganio-7 oki-ni-by-julian-ganio-8 oki-ni-by-julian-ganio-9

This latest editorial for Oki-Ni was realized by Julian Ganio, fashion editor of Fantastic Man, and Art Director Josh Hight. The pair used intentional “digital defects” to treat themes of voyeurism and the happenstance beauty that occasionally emerges from corrupted image files, and the artifacts (those random patches of pixels) that show up on them.

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