Aaron Benito by Pas Ibañez

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Offering a set fresh session Spanish newcomer Aaron Benito is featuring in an entire new session, connecting with Spanish Photographer Pascual Ibañez, the decided to do shoot at natural paradise named “El Salto de la Novia” where besides being beautiful for its waterfalls and forms water erosion in the rocks created with the passage of time, a beautiful waterfall with 196ft. located at Navajas. With a very well formed outwear to completed to made an outstanding portrait.


Photographer Pascual Ibañez

Model: Aaron Benito @ AModels Management 

Stylist and Manager by Moises Canet

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  1. F- Me- damn..caught my attention, Aron and Pas have great chemistry. pushing fashion boundaries and should be the the talk of the town. . Bravo paisano.

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    How do you say? Delicious! When Photographer and Model are on the same page, gorgeous model and Gorgeous photographer.

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