A Beatiful day in the Center of Athens

Alexsandro Costa_DSC0018 Alexsandro Costa_DSC0037 Alexsandro Costa_DSC0042 Alexsandro Costa_DSC0064 Alexsandro Costa_DSC0075 Alexsandro Costa_DSC0087 Alexsandro Costa_DSC0706 Alexsandro Costa_DSC0745


A Beautiful day in the Center of Athens, is the new session black and white by Photographer Giourgen Geni Jey, produced and organized by Raftopoulos Argiris, styled and hair was also by Raftopoulos Argiris, Make up artist was Mary Rokkou, starring male model Alexsandro Costa is represented by JOY Models in Milan and Ace Models in Athens. This beautiful portrait where we can appreciate Athens as a beautiful scenario and completed with stunning posing around streets. Alexsandro roots from Joinville, Brazil.

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