Sonatas V: The New Video By Richard Gerst | Actor/Model Michael Rannelli

Richard-Gerst-Michael-Ranelli-Lepilloledistefano-1 Richard-Gerst-Michael-Ranelli-Lepilloledistefano-2 Richard-Gerst-Michael-Ranelli-Lepilloledistefano-3 Richard-Gerst-Michael-Ranelli-Lepilloledistefano-4 Richard-Gerst-Michael-Ranelli-Lepilloledistefano-5 Richard-Gerst-Michael-Ranelli-Lepilloledistefano-6 Richard-Gerst-Michael-Ranelli-Lepilloledistefano-7 Richard-Gerst-Michael-Ranelli-Lepilloledistefano-8 Richard-Gerst-Michael-Ranelli-Lepilloledistefano-9 Richard-Gerst-Michael-Ranelli-Lepilloledistefano-10 Richard-Gerst-Michael-Ranelli-Lepilloledistefano-11 Richard-Gerst-Michael-Ranelli-Lepilloledistefano-12 Richard-Gerst-Michael-Ranelli-Lepilloledistefano-13

A man walks by an old pay phone on a street corner in New York and it rings. He must make a decision. Should he answer? Could it be the love he thought he lost so long ago? And this moment is caught by Richard Gerst, in the new video from our Sonatas series, exclusively for lepilloledistefano. Starring model/actor Michael Rannelli represented by famous agency MINT Management.

Photographer: Richard Gerst www.richardgerst.com
Actor: Michael Rannelli, Mint Management, New York http://www.mintmanagement.us//

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  1. a bit strange but, again Gorgeous.

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    he should answer it might be me..

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