David Kawena1 David Kawena2 David Kawena3 David Kawena4 David Kawena5 David Kawena6 David Kawena7 David Kawena8 David Kawena9 David Kawena10This is an incredible photography and artwork by David Kawena that I couldn’t resist to mentioned to my comeback to Facebook, (banned for 31 days). So I began to follow this incredible Illustrator, Photographer, Art Director, sound familiar? He does an amazing job taking 2D animated characters and re-imagining them as fully dimensional, flesh and blood men. His twitter: https://twitter.com/DavidKawena In this story entitled ✝INRI✝ stunning male models are Steven Trumon Gray, Derek Keene and Norb Peti, Make up and hair by David Kawena, styling and accesories by David Kawena/Nick Stryker, Fashion by Nick Stryker www.nickstryker.com Production Assistant/Production Coordination Slic Arts Additional Assistant by Kevin Atkins and Light by David Kawena/Keenon Ferrell.

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  1. I’ll have to study these, there’s a lot going on…here.

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