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Let us introduce Alexander COBB® – our new Scandinavian brand of men’s underwear.  Starting from fall 2013, Alexander COBB© becomes a synonym for originality, comfort and quality.

New, prestigious Danish brand of men’s underwear. Synonym for originality, crazy designer prints, comfort and quality.

The design of the underwear and its prints is signed by the Scandinavian designer who holds many awards in his field, and prints are created especially for this occasion.  In the middle of the print story is a koi fish and a tattoo sample, with a large array of colors, from bluish-purplish, through reddish-orange tones, with elements of black on the white surface.  Koi comes from a Japanese word which means carp.  When you take a closer look, the koi fish look like small carps.  Koi is a homophone for affection or love, and it represents a symbol of love and friendship in Japan, but overall, it demonstrates happiness and good fortune.  The message of the new collection is love, friendship, and happiness, and the vibration of colors completes a global vision.  Each color represents different elements, so does each model, depending on the color that prevails on a model and direction in which the koi fish swim, it has a different meaning and carries a different name.

The Alexander COBB® men’s underwear range includes slips, briefs, boxer shorts, and long, and comes in 4 sizes (S, M, L, XL).  Each pair is made with designer quality elastic band, 92 percent cotton, and 8 percent lycra, so they feel like your second skin.


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