James // Lifestyle Portraits by Gabriel Gastelum

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James Cerne// Lifestyle Portraits by Gabriel Gastelum

When I saw Gabriel Gastelum’s post announcing his new portrait with James Cerne, immediately made ​​a reminder on the iPhone and when I get home, I saw him there in his Facebook page. Once again congratulations to both guys did a great job, no doubt that James Cerne is indisputable very natural, effortless, we can admire his physique very muscled, his smile that melts anyone and that look that captures Gabriel who’s handle perfectly gives us a great lesson that you can work without photoshop. Here he explains in his blog about this session, let’s read:

“I’ve been working hard on my body and I feel great and I want to commemorate it”

That’s how James’ message to me started.

In my opinion, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to get portraits done when you are feeling good about yourself. We, as a society, are so self critical of ourselves. It is incredible when you have that feeling of acceptance of yourself. Nothing wrong with wanting to commemorate it.

James’ niceness transcends universes. Always there with a hug and smile. Not only did he want to take some portraits, but he also wanted some pictures sporting underwear from his new clothing line he is part of. Go check it out. They have some pretty awesome swimwear/underwear.


There are a lot of pictures. Because it was a freaking fun time. There are so many photographers out there that post sessions and you can tell they use photoshop to the extreme. While I won’t lie and say I don’t use it, I defintiely don’t rely on it. You shouldn’t. I want the session and picture to feel real. I want people to connect. You can’t photoshop a smile. It is impossible. I love lifestyle shoots like this. Just hanging out and capturing YOU.

If you are interested in booking a session with me. [CONTACT ME HERE]

Gabriel Gastulm – http://gdxblog.com

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  1. He is are very good model, what big bodyhair and he is are hot model

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