Levi Jackson by Landis Smithers

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A photo series on the last place we can be anonymous. the hotel room. 
this series focuses on model Levi Jackson
in the Standard Hotel, the Highline, New York City, New York.

Photographed by Landis Smithers

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  1. Damn Hot! Something about a naked man in a Hotel bed… hmm and Levi with such a pretty face and that beard to hide how pretty he is. Kinda sexy knowing what’s underneath the beard and the sheets.

  2. Great series of photos!

  3. a flawlessly #smooth…. blogue des photos

  4. Henry James

    Insanely gorgeous, hot-as-hell, yummy, spicy, sexy, hirsute, hunky man.

  5. […] sexy snapshoots from Landis Smithers connecting with Levi Jackson wearing a jockstrap, outtakes from his legendary and famous portrait in the Standard Hotel, the […]

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