Baptiste Giannesini In ‘Lash’ Magazine

Baptiste-Giannesini-in-Lash-Magazine-01 Baptiste-Giannesini-in-Lash-Magazine-02 Baptiste-Giannesini-in-Lash-Magazine-03 Baptiste-Giannesini-in-Lash-Magazine-04 Baptiste-Giannesini-in-Lash-Magazine-05 Baptiste-Giannesini-in-Lash-Magazine-06 Baptiste-Giannesini-in-Lash-Magazine-07 Baptiste-Giannesini-in-Lash-Magazine-08

Stunning model, Baptiste Giannesini, (RED Models) poses for the splendid portrait series captured by photographer Samir Bahrir for the latest issue of Lash magazine.

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