Clément as “The Jocker” for Spanish Esquire

clement_chabernaud_esquire_spain_01 clement_chabernaud_esquire_spain_02 clement_chabernaud_esquire_spain_03 clement_chabernaud_esquire_spain_04 clement_chabernaud_esquire_spain_05 clement_chabernaud_esquire_spain_06 clement_chabernaud_esquire_spain_07 clement_chabernaud_esquire_spain_08 clement_chabernaud_esquire_spain_09 clement_chabernaud_esquire_spain_010 clement_chabernaud_esquire_spain_011 clement_chabernaud_esquire_spain_012

Leading model Clément Chabernaud (@ Sight Management) graces the pages of the February issue of Spanish Esquire for a cinematic story inspired by the movie Batman. Playing the character of the mad Joker, the Sight model proves his acting skills, posing for striking images by photographer Alfonso Ohnur. Alternating an impeccably tailored wardrobe with more colorful and eccentric designs, Clément proves his versatility on wearing different styles.

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  1. In a way kinda sexy…

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