Pulp_08_phGustavoZylbersztajn_01 Pulp_08_phGustavoZylbersztajn_02 Pulp_08_phGustavoZylbersztajn_03 Pulp_08_phGustavoZylbersztajn_04 Pulp_08_phGustavoZylbersztajn_05 Pulp_08_phGustavoZylbersztajn_06 Pulp_08_phGustavoZylbersztajn_07 Pulp_08_phGustavoZylbersztajn_08 Pulp_08_phGustavoZylbersztajn_09

Brazilian Models André Bortolan @ Elian Gallardo, André Kherwald, Joshua Wiese @ Way Models, Fabricio Bach, Luis Coppini from Ford Models and Rafael Desimon @ KeeMod, photography by Gustavo Zylbersztajn (SD MGMT), Fashion Editor Paul Martinez (SD MGMT) and hair & make Helder Rodrigues (Case MGT), editorial entitled BRAZILIANHOOD from issue # 08 of the Pulp magazine.

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