Beautiful Ass

Brazilian TWINS by Jeff Segenreich

Gemeos Fernandes_132312_2624 Gemeos Fernandes_132312_2698 Gemeos Fernandes_132312_2721 Gemeos Fernandes_132312_2845 Gemeos Fernandes_132312_2869 Gemeos Fernandes_132312_2909 Gemeos Fernandes_132312_2965 Gemeos Fernandes_132312_2970 Gemeos Fernandes_132312_2988 Gemeos Fernandes_132312_3017 Gemeos Fernandes_132312_3033 Gemeos Fernandes_132312_3053 Gemeos Fernandes_132312_3060 Gemeos Fernandes_132312_3079 Gemeos Fernandes_132312_3082 Gemeos Fernandes_132312_3114 Gemeos Fernandes_132312_3116 Gemeos Fernandes_132312_3117 Gemeos Fernandes_132312_3230 Gemeos Fernandes_132312_3246

There are men who transmit their eroticism, vibrant male seduction with little effort. Their face, their lips, their skin, causing us to make that sweet admiration for male beauty and virility. This is the case of Brazilians Twins David and Daivis Fernandes from Rio de Janeiro. Great photographic work by Jeff Segenreich and Anna Veronica. Quite a passion and desire with these two sexy Brazilian Adonis feelings melting us with their sensuality and their powerful and beautiful picture. Creative Direction by 021 Fashion Shoot.

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