Editorial LUI by Jeff Segenreich

Jeff Segenreich_MG_4148 pb Jeff Segenreich_MG_4279 pb Jeff Segenreich_MG_4308 pb Jeff Segenreich_MG_4346 Jeff Segenreich_MG_4361 pb Jeff Segenreich_MG_4415 pb Jeff Segenreich_MG_4521 pb Jeff Segenreich_MG_4655 pb Jeff Segenreich_MG_4671 pb Jeff Segenreich_MG_4705 pb Jeff Segenreich_MG_4772 pb Jeff Segenreich_MG_4811 pb

#BraziliansDoItBetter Fantastic editorial by Jeff Segenreich and sexy Brazilian models  and all his crew.
Models: Gabriel Loureiro, Sandro Rabello, Rafael Lourenço, Patrick Rangel, Robert Willian (all of 40 Graus Models), Raphael Aidar (Way Models), Pedro Albuquerque (Unique Model) and Danny Alves.
Style: Pamella Perin
Beauty: Max Araujo
Production: David Fernandes e Adriana Serrano
Creative Direction: OfficeIm Shoot
See also  Samyr Fuly by Henrique Padilha

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