The Pursuit of Happiness

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Revenge actor Nick Wechsler graces the cover of Da Man’s February/March issue with a story lensed by photographer Mitchell Nguyen McCormack. Asked about advice for young actors looking to make it in Hollywood, Wechsler confesses, “Don’t do it. But, if you refuse to listen to reason, then, as I said before, find other sources of emotional income. And while you’re at it, find other sources of actual income. Satisfy yourself creatively via other outlets, as well. Act for free and work freaking hard. Also, and I’m about to sound like a D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) officer, don’t bother with drugs. I say that because they are too accessible here, and this town is full of impressionable, young people, and you can get woefully off-track and lose sight of your goals if you go down that road. So, just stay sharp. This, again, is only if you stubbornly insist upon pursuing a career in acting.” View more from Da Man’s cover story here. /Styling by Alexa Rangroummith Green.

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