SPECIAL FEATURING: Heart of Swimmer by Jeff Segenreich

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Heart of Swimmer by Jeff Segenreich

I think we know that in Rio de Janeiro is producing and doing a lot of fashion, excellent quality and they are using is impeccable. This is an excellent example of the photography of Jeff Segenreich and Anna Veronica, adding creative Production by 021 Fashion Shoot. Entitled story “Heart of Swimmer” starred by Brazilian hot models André Sabatini, Patrick Rangel and Ruann Bessa. This is a very special Featuring! #BraziliansDoItBetter


Title: Heart of Swimmer
Photooto: Jeff Segenreich and Anna Veronica
Creative direction: 021 Fashion Shoot
Models: André Sabatini, Patrick Rangel and Ruann Bessa
Agency: 40 Graus Models
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