Introducing Jan by Cesar Perin

800x1200xjan-cavalli-photos-0001.jpg.pagespeed.ic.WBH1PuJLgd 800x1200xjan-cavalli-photos-0002.jpg.pagespeed.ic.xmR4RU46Jx 800x1200xjan-cavalli-photos-0003.jpg.pagespeed.ic.s3SbfEWTd4 800x1200xjan-cavalli-photos-0004.jpg.pagespeed.ic.mQmn5jU0xC 800x1200xjan-cavalli-photos-0005.jpg.pagespeed.ic.QnQZHPUkXq jan-cavalli-photos-0006

Cesar Perin focuses his lens on new Unsigned MGMT model Jan Cavalli. The forty year-old model was discovered through a UK model competition on television in which Perin was one of the judges. Captured in sepia hued photos, Jan makes his debut in a casual pair of Diesel pants.

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