Vinicius Bergamine by Jeff Segenreich

Vinicius_Bergamine-1 Vinicius_Bergamine-2 Vinicius_Bergamine-4 Vinicius_Bergamine-7 Vinicius_Bergamine-8 Vinicius_Bergamine-9 Vinicius_Bergamine-11 Vinicius_Bergamine-12 Vinicius_Bergamine-14 Vinicius_Bergamine-16 Vinicius_Bergamine-18 Vinicius_Bergamine-19 Vinicius_Bergamine-21 Vinicius_Bergamine-23 Vinicius_Bergamine-25 Vinicius_Bergamine-26 Vinicius_Bergamine-28 Vinicius_Bergamine-30 Vinicius_Bergamine-31 Vinicius_Bergamine-32 Vinicius_Bergamine-34

Gorgeous Brazilian model Vinicius Bergamine builds up his portfolio in a black and white photo studio session by talented photographer Jeff Segenreich. Vinicius is represented by 40 Graus Models.

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