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Introducing: Wojciech Majchrzak Photography

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From Łódź to the world, introducing Wojcieh Majchrzak capturing Polish model Michal Kowalski represented by A S Management, styled by Mariusz Brianski MUA by Madalena Palka, Clothes by Jaroslaw Ewert, Zara & H&M.


Photographer: Wojciech Majchrzak    https://www.facebook.com/WojciechMajchrzakPhotography

Stylist, production: Mariusz Brianski    https://www.facebook.com/MariuszBrianski?fref=ts
Model: Michal Kowalski/ A S Management      http://www.asmanagement.pl/
MUA/Hair: Magdalena Palka
Clothes: Jaroslaw Ewert https://www.facebook.com/jaroslawewert?fref=ts  Zara, H&M
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