Part II: Roman Dawidoff For ‘ES Collection’ 2014

Part-II-Roman-Dawidoff-for-ES-Collection-2014-01 Part-II-Roman-Dawidoff-for-ES-Collection-2014-02 Part-II-Roman-Dawidoff-for-ES-Collection-2014-03 Part-II-Roman-Dawidoff-for-ES-Collection-2014-04 Part-II-Roman-Dawidoff-for-ES-Collection-2014-05 Part-II-Roman-Dawidoff-for-ES-Collection-2014-06 Part-II-Roman-Dawidoff-for-ES-Collection-2014-07 Part-II-Roman-Dawidoff-for-ES-Collection-2014-08 Part-II-Roman-Dawidoff-for-ES-Collection-2014-09 Part-II-Roman-Dawidoff-for-ES-Collection-2014-10

ES Collection releases new set of images from their new swimwear campaign for 2014: “THAI” featuring gorgeous model Roman Dawidoff. He is joined by models Jacob Covadlo and Gabor Hegyi, shot by Joan Crisol at the beaches of Khao Lak and the Similan Islands, Thailand.

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