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It could be a beach boy like so many others. Tan, lean, with broad shoulders and belly-pack abs that many surfers bearing sands of the coastline. But the look that is the secret lives of Marlon Teixeira. Languid and sexy. A machine to boot sighs and a gold mine for the fashion industry. Star parades and catalogs of some of the most acclaimed brands in the world, the boy born and raised in Itajai Balneario Camboriu is now the most highly-rated Brazilian model, 7 th in the world and one of the highest paid in the market. But not lost jeitão tomboy. Excerpt from Dagmara Spautz for Revista Donna DC.

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  1. Henry James

    Chiseled by the Greek Gods and sent to Earth for bringing gay men only pleasure.

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    Kinda Surfer Bum, not my favorite look, but always sexy as fuk!


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