Edward Wilding by Karl Lagerfeld

Edward-Wilding-by-Karl-Lagerfeld_fy1 Edward-Wilding-by-Karl-Lagerfeld_fy2 Edward-Wilding-by-Karl-Lagerfeld_fy3 Edward-Wilding-by-Karl-Lagerfeld_fy4 Edward-Wilding-by-Karl-Lagerfeld_fy5 Edward-Wilding-by-Karl-Lagerfeld_fy6 Edward-Wilding-by-Karl-Lagerfeld_fy7 Edward-Wilding-by-Karl-Lagerfeld_fy8 Edward-Wilding-by-Karl-Lagerfeld_fy9 Edward-Wilding-by-Karl-Lagerfeld_fy10 Edward-Wilding-by-Karl-Lagerfeld_fy11 Edward-Wilding-by-Karl-Lagerfeld_fy12

Top Model Edward Wilding captured by the lens of iconic Legend Karl Lagerfeld and styled with pieces from Calvin Klein, Dior Homme, Salvatore Ferragamo and more, for the latest issue of Numéro Homme magazine.

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