Caio Cesar for Vanichi #4

caio-cesar-vanichi-4-by-nelson-blanton-01 caio-cesar-vanichi-4-by-nelson-blanton-02 caio-cesar-vanichi-4-by-nelson-blanton-04 caio-cesar-vanichi-4-by-nelson-blanton-05 caio-cesar-vanichi-4-by-nelson-blanton-06 caio-cesar-vanichi-4-by-nelson-blanton-07 caio-cesar-vanichi-4-by-nelson-blanton-081Brazilian sensation Caio Cesar models in the new editorial entitled “Hypnosis” photography by Nelson Blanton for the fashion magazine “Vanichi” # 4. The styling is by Serese Teate and production of Vanessa Edwards. In São Paulo, it is represented Mega Partners and Village Velhaa by Ragazzo Management.

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  1. Brilliant and beautiful.

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