Diogo de Castro Gomes by Marco Ovando

diogo-de-castro-gomes-by-marco-ovando-01 diogo-de-castro-gomes-by-marco-ovando-02 diogo-de-castro-gomes-by-marco-ovando-03 diogo-de-castro-gomes-by-marco-ovando-04 diogo-de-castro-gomes-by-marco-ovando-05 diogo-de-castro-gomes-by-marco-ovando-06 diogo-de-castro-gomes-by-marco-ovando-07 diogo-de-castro-gomes-by-marco-ovando-08

Hunk male model Diogo Gomes de Castro photographed by Marco Ovando. Graduate in a degree in psychology, the model was discovered while playing volleyball on Ipanema beach with friends and has starred in a campaign for C-IN2 underwear line.

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