Digital Update – Guilherme Kulnig by Jeff Segenreich

Guilherme_Kulnig-2 Guilherme_Kulnig-3 Guilherme_Kulnig-5 Guilherme_Kulnig-8 Guilherme_Kulnig-9 Guilherme_Kulnig-10 Guilherme_Kulnig-14 Guilherme_Kulnig-16 Guilherme_Kulnig-17 Guilherme_Kulnig-19 Guilherme_Kulnig-22 Guilherme_Kulnig-26 Guilherme_Kulnig-27 Guilherme_Kulnig-29 Guilherme_Kulnig-32 Guilherme_Kulnig-37 Guilherme_Kulnig-39 Guilherme_Kulnig-40

In Brazil for the season of Fashion shows, Paraná sexy model Guilherme Kulnig, 26yo, is one of the bets of Ford Models from São Paulo. Born in Curitiba, the model of 1.89 m height currently lives in Milan where it is represented by the Urban Management. The photos are by Jeff Segenreich.

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