Introducing Andi Kiangebeni

Andi Kiangebeni1 Andi Kiangebeni2 Andi Kiangebeni3 Andi Kiangebeni4 Andi Kiangebeni5 Andi Kiangebeni6 Andi Kiangebeni7 Andi Kiangebeni8 Andi Kiangebeni9 Andi Kiangebeni10 Andi Kiangebeni11 Andi Kiangebeni12 Andi Kiangebeni13 Andi Kiangebeni14 Andi Kiangebeni15 Andi Kiangebeni16

Belgium based newcomer Andi Kiangebeni connecting with Parisian based photographer Franck Glenisson to building his portrait.

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  2. […] new portrait series by French photographer François Rousseau featuring striking beautiful model, Andi Kiangebeni represented by Kennedy Models Placement ( Mother agency in Canada), Dash Models at Amsterdam and GN […]

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