The Wishbone at ESCULPTA | Jewelry


The wishbone is known as a symbol of good luck in quite a few countries and cultures. “I was inspired both by the symbolism of the wishbone concept but also by the simple fluidity of this  naturally occurring form” – Nikias. Designed back in 2002.

the wishbone the wishbone2 wishbone_pendant_esculpta_silver_scultpures_and_je_1 wishbone_pendant_esculpta_silver_scultpures_and_je_2

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From Greece to the world, gives us a beautiful piece of handmade jewelry by designer Nikias a unique piece to wear in any special occasion, or make a special gift for that loved one. This piece is in ESCULPTA.


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  1. Henry James

    The model, I do not remember his name, is so gorgeous, so sexy, so hot.

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