A Modern James Dean

andres-sanjuan-photos-001 andres-sanjuan-photos-002 andres-sanjuan-photos-003 andres-sanjuan-photos-004 andres-sanjuan-photos-005 andres-sanjuan-photos-006 andres-sanjuan-photos-007 andres-sanjuan-photos-008 andres-sanjuan-photos-009 andres-sanjuan-photos-010 andres-sanjuan-photos-011 andres-sanjuan-photos-013 andres-sanjuan-photos-014 andres-sanjuan-photos-015 andres-sanjuan-photos-016

Photographer Pablo Albacete and Rainer Torrado collaborate on a new series in Madrid, featuring UNO model Andrés Sanjuan. Captured indoors on a quiet day, Andrés channels a young James Dean in a casual wardrobe of simple essentials, posing for moody images. / Grooming by Eva Pinar.

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