Pierre et Gilles: Héros | Gallery exhibited at Paris


Narcisse (modèle / Matthieu Charneau), photographie peinte sur toile, unique, 2012
Oreste (modèle / Staiv Gentis), photographie peinte, unique , 2013

And we’re obsessed  with the gallery exhibited in Paris by Pierre et Gilles, where we can see that in his later works have been inspired by art, culture, gods, mythology and international heroes.

You can’t help but have a spring in your step after exploring the “Heroes” exhibition. Joyful and full of artistic energy, Pierre et Gilles’s work allow us to connect the conventional heroic characteristics of bravery and sacrifice to a lighter, fantastical atmosphere infused with ornamentation. The inspirational exhibition dares us to create our own picturesque environment by reflecting on the inner heroes in all of us.

“Heroes” by Pierre et Gilles is at Galerie Daniel Templon in Paris, France from now until 31st May, 2014.

«Pierre et Gilles: Héros», à la Galerie Daniel Templon, 30, rue Beaubourg (IIIe). Tél.:01 42 72 14 10. Horaires: du lun. au sam., 10 h-19 h. Jusqu’au 31 mai. Cat.: «Pierre et Gilles: Héros», catalogue bilingue de l’expo, textes de Catherine Grenier et Pierre Noual (30 €, Galerie Templon).

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  1. Henry James

    Great job!!!

  2. […] confronting, fighting for his manhood but also attracting each other, starring by Luizo Vega and Staiv Gentis photography is very good, the collaboration of Rick Owens as a stylist in this intimate project. […]

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