Modus Vivendi new Spring/Summer campaign 2014 – Dreamland / Urban Life

Modus Vivendi Dreamland Urban Life_1 Modus Vivendi Dreamland Urban Life_2 Modus Vivendi Dreamland Urban Life_3 Modus Vivendi Dreamland Urban Life_4 Modus Vivendi Dreamland Urban Life_5 Modus Vivendi Dreamland Urban Life_6

Modus Vivendi releases the second part of its Spring/Summer 2014 collection “Dreamland”, called “Urban Life”. Inspired by the dream of living in the world’s biggest cities, these pictures show models Ilias Konstantinou and Aris Kitsios against background images of busy underground trains and stations, bustling squares and street art.
The line itself comprises items made of a high quality cotton mesh material. This type of fabric is extremely comfortable and creates a very sexy look. You will find briefs, boxers and jocks as well as new designs, such as the unique Mesh Onesie, the Croise Sleeveless and the C-though Hoodie. This line also includes the new men’s gymwear by Modus Vivendi, the Union Track Vest and Union Sweatshorts. Manufactured to the highest standards, this is possibly the most stylish gymwear you will ever wear.
Underwear/Menswear: Modus Vivendi (http://www.e-modusvivendi.com)
Photographer: Panos Mihailidis
Models: Ilias Konstantinou, Aris Kitsios
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