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#NEWFACE for Fashionably Male is Hugo Trufelli

Welcome to Brazilian model Hugo Trufelli for being the new face of Fashionably Male.

Hugo Sanges Galuppo Trufelli11 Hugo Sanges Galuppo Trufelli12 Hugo Sanges Galuppo Trufelli13 Hugo Sanges Galuppo Trufelli14 Hugo Sanges Galuppo Trufelli15 Hugo Sanges Galuppo Trufelli16 Hugo Sanges Galuppo Trufelli17 Hugo Sanges Galuppo Trufelli18 Hugo Sanges Galuppo Trufelli20 Hugo Sanges Galuppo Trufelli21 Hugo Sanges Galuppo Trufelli22

Photography by Ubiratan LeandroHugo Sanges Galuppo Trufelli23 Hugo Sanges Galuppo Trufelli24 Hugo Sanges Galuppo Trufelli25 Hugo Sanges Galuppo Trufelli26 Hugo Sanges Galuppo Trufelli27 Hugo Sanges Galuppo Trufelli28 Hugo Sanges Galuppo Trufelli29 Hugo Sanges Galuppo Trufelli30

Fashionably Male in this #HappyHumpDAY feeling party, and we warmly welcome to the sexy model, contestant of Mister Brazil in 2013, with 6’0 of masculine beauty, this gorgeous is the #NEWFACE of our site.  Working with recognized Brazilians Photographers like Xavier Samré and Marcos Puga, Hugo’s one of a kind.

Photography by  Xavier Samré

My name is Hugo Sanges Galuppo Trufelli , I’m 23yo , born in São Paulo, with only 2 years old my family and I went to live in another state , to have a better quality of life and for security reasons .
I have a twin brother and a sister, always my blessed family is by my side.
Then I grew up, graduated, made ​​2 technicians , teachers said I was the messiest , but until today I am not that way anymore.
I’m an easy guy to deal with, always making new friends, I am a good partner, communicative, like to make others smile, I preserve much humility and be polite above all.
Since childhood I was always kind of vain, I like to take care of my body, my appearance , and at 18yo was invited to enter an
Agency model , in the beginning I thought it would not work , I was shy , I feel embarrassed, but over the years I was letting go and seeing that was what I really wanted, with much effort and work recognized, I packed my bags , and I moved to live alone, I returned to live in São Paulo, due to increased job numbers today I worked with 6 Agencies throughout Brazil.
Later this year I want to get into a workshop with actors and big proposals with big plans to work in the near future and the world,  and work opportunities arise to be an actor, I want to continue studying and working as a model and actor, because I believe in my potential and follow forward with great faith in God because I have dedicated all my time to achieve my goals.

Hugo Sanges Galuppo Trufellia Hugo Sanges Galuppo Trufellif Hugo Sanges Galuppo Trufellie Hugo Sanges Galuppo Trufellid Hugo Sanges Galuppo Trufellic Hugo Sanges Galuppo Trufellib

Photography by Marcos Puga and Production by Luiz Eduardo Petrone

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Fully thank to Hugo Trufelli and wish him all the success in the world because it’s a guy with lots of potential and strives every day to achieve his goals.


Anna Borges

Xavier Samré

Luiz Eduardo Petrone

Marcos Puga

Ubiratan Leandro

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