Ricki Hall by Matthew Pandolfe

Top Model Ricki Hall connects in the past months with talented Matthew Pandolfe for an incredible stunning portrait where we can appreciate all Ricki’s inks.

Matthew Pandolfe’s tumblr.

icki-hall-by-matthew-pandolfe icki-hall-by-matthew-pandolfe2 icki-hall-by-matthew-pandolfe3 icki-hall-by-matthew-pandolfe4 icki-hall-by-matthew-pandolfe5 icki-hall-by-matthew-pandolfe6 icki-hall-by-matthew-pandolfe7 icki-hall-by-matthew-pandolfe8 icki-hall-by-matthew-pandolfe9 icki-hall-by-matthew-pandolfe10 icki-hall-by-matthew-pandolfe11 icki-hall-by-matthew-pandolfe12 icki-hall-by-matthew-pandolfe13


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