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“I met argentinean model  Nuel Mc Gough last week and we did some snaps on the go see. He is has a super energy and probably you will see him in a couple of years on tv or film which is his passion.
He is represented by Q models in NY and K MGMT from Argentina.” – Bell Soto

The introduction by New York based photographer and artist film-maker talented Bell Soto gave to Argentinean sensation Nuel McGough represented by K MGMT and Q Models. Yes definitely Nuel is for keeps.

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  1. On Bell Soto what can I say, he’s marvelous and has an eye that I measure others by his work and it’s hard to live up to this expectation. Nuel’s never looked better. sexy, tight and oh so delectable. So must repost another hot one Chris, I love YOU!

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    An Argentinian Hottie and Bell Soto A perfect Mix, model Nuel Mc Gough as Art of the master, No props just Lighting, a plain backdrop and the eye of Bell Soto.
    Expect more @ http://dannyboi2.tumblr.com/links

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