Jess Vill by David Vance

Jess Vill1 Jess Vill2 Jess vill3 Jess Vill4 Jess Vill5 Jess Vill6 Jess Vill7 Jess Vill8 Jess Vill9

First of all we want to thank to talented David Vance for making the most beautiful male portraiture around the globe. We all know how he works, and we perfectly get the picture, because of is very he’s wisely vision of capture. Vance knows exactly what he wants to shoot and he knows to choose the right muse. This time he’d chosen the French beauty male model Jess Vill who recently traveled to America to connect with David, Jess has worked with several french photographers and modelling and he is Mister Men France 2014.

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