Niels Krijgsman by Onder Konuralp

Niels Krijgsman-2-20140322-Nr.-110-Download_Large_300dpi Niels Krijgsman-2-20140322-Nr.-222-Download_Large_300dpi Niels Krijgsman-2-20140322-Nr.-227-Download_Large_300dpi Niels Krijgsman-2-20140322-Nr.-260-Download_Large_300dpi Niels Krijgsman-2-20140322-Nr.-266-Download_Large_300dpi Niels Krijgsman-2-20140322-Nr.-358-Download_Large_300dpi Niels Krijgsman-2-20140322-Nr.-365-Download_Large_300dpi Niels Krijgsman-2-20140322-Nr.-404-Download_Large_300dpi Niels Krijgsman-2-20140322-Nr.-409-Download_Large_300dpi Niels Krijgsman-2-20140322-Nr.-428-Download_Large_300dpi

Introducing Dutch fitness male model Niels Krijgsman, from MGB Models, photographed in a black and white beautiful essay by Rotterdam based talented Onder Konuralp. Attached a Vimeo film from the work of Konuralp and Niels where we can appreciate Niels in all angles.

Follow the beautiful portrait and essay from Konuralp Photography at his Official Facebook.

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