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Man Cave

Every man needs a place to call his own. Sometimes it’s a room in a basement with a big flatscreen TV to watch football games with his buddies. If he’s a hockey player, his room is in the attic filled with pucks and framed T-shirts from winning seasons on the ice. Sometimes it’s a vinyl record collection and a turntable with huge speakers to  blast out sounds of the real world. The world’s so crazy today so every guy has GOT TO HAVE IT. Nothing fancy – feet up on the table – enjoying a pizza and a brew with his dog. There’s always a sign hanging from the door, No Women Allowed – This Property Doesn’t Allow Trespassers – It’s a Man Cave.

Photographer Bruce Weber collaborates with Man of the World once more. This time around, Weber contributes a charming summer story styled by Deborah Watson. Playing with the idea of a man cave, Weber captures models indoors and outdoors, posing nonchalantly in states of undress. Grounded in a hyper-reality, fashions from Prada, Brooks Brothers and Dries Van Noten are notable.

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