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Fun Fun is something Srdjan Šveljo known as the editor of the website Urbanlook and DJ Player long time ago, first of all he is a great lover and collector of T-shirts and a big fan of Pop Art, and all that is related to exactly this type of Art. 100% cotton White T-shirts as an absolute trend in fashion specially sewn for Fun Fun Collection, and it is a model that fits perfectly with every styling and every lifestyle just like black that will soon join. Each shirt has a life motto (“Take off your shirt training condom”), which is sewn on the back and may be just a part of you, depending on which model you choose. Fun Fun Lookbook No.1 is a true representation of all T-shirts and all that they can be who they are! Let’s have some Fun Fun! You can order via inbox on FB or buy in the supermarket concept store-in. They are accompanied by a specially designed packaging, gift card badge and wallet.

Photography: Milan Stojanović
Stylist : Srdjan Šveljo
Make-up: Gordana Dobanovački
Graphics: Aleksandar Topić
Models: Jelena Grubiša,Isidora Klimpf, Filip Aćić (OREA), Luka Rozajac, Albert Topić

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