JONO-Photography-Dew-001 JONO-Photography-Dew-002 JONO-Photography-Dew-003 JONO-Photography-Dew-004 JONO-Photography-Dew-005 JONO-Photography-Dew-006 JONO-Photography-Dew-007 JONO-Photography-Dew-008 JONO-Photography-Dew-009 JONO-Photography-Dew-010 JONO-Photography-Dew-011 JONO-Photography-Dew-012

DEW is the title from the new and recently work from Los Angeles based JONO Photographer where his work speak by itself. Capturing the promising Next Model face Tommy Briggs posing in garments from Mugler, ZAK, Aldo and H&M, and others. Styling Malcolm Joris, LUVGEN.We can see clearly images, well handle of lighting and  focusing on men’s fashion and beauty from Tommy.

JONO Photography
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