La Perla Men’s Loungewear + Beachwear for Spring/Summer 2015

Famous for its women’s lingerie, La Perla makes sure that men don’t go unnoticed for spring/summer 2015. As the Italian brand celebrates its 60th anniversary, it launches loungewear and beachwear for men. Designed by stylist Emiliano Rinaldi, the luxurious new range was inspired by the magic of an undersea world. In a press release, La Perla explained, “The symbol of the collection is a print inspired by the world of Italian artist Piero Fornasetti: a winged oyster that guards a pearl transformed into a mysterious eye.” Treating men to the same luxury as its women, silk comes into the collection with robes, kimonos, pajama bottoms and more. Accented with long jackets, cashmere t-shirts and other essentials, the La Perla man is an elegant vision that definitely has our attention.

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