Andoni Garcia by Johnny Lopera

Andoni Garcia1 Andoni Garcia2 Andoni Garcia3 Andoni Garcia4 Andoni Garcia5 Andoni Garcia6 Andoni Garcia8 Andoni Garcia9

Johnny Lopera has always been known for having a sublime work, and choose to catch the best looking models in iconic poses. This time it shows us once again where the promising model Andoni García gives all and poses in front of the lens wonderfully for Johnny. And we once again proves that Johnny Lopera is one of the best photographers based in Mexico City.

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  1. I like the ones without the cigarettes… He “Andoni” is the picture of heath, handsome and then a nasty cigarette dangling from his perfect lips… There’s nothing sexy about it. Johnny, the photo’s would have been even better had no cigarette been used as a prop. “I know to each his own” but, young kids see this and think oh, it must be cool he’s doing it… We have to set the example. And for “arts sake” ”l’art pour l’art” I don’t buy it. Otherwise nice shoot.

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