MFW: Special I LOVE Models by Photographer Daniel Rodrigues

I LOVE models Abiah Osvedth I LOVE models Adan Lindholm I LOVE models by Daniel Rodrigues 01 I LOVE models Gordo Botte I LOVE models Ilias Avantiras I LOVE models Jonathan and Kevin Sampaio I LOVE models Kristoffer Hassehall I LOVE models Misa Patinski I LOVE models Pascal de Wolff I LOVE models Philipp Schmidt I LOVE models Ryan Barrett I LOVE models Sebastian Brice I LOVE models Tarik Lakehal I LOVE models Tomek Slanski I LOVE models Travis Smith I LOVE models Wang Rui

A special featuring by the talented Fashion Photographer Daniel Rodrigues captured currently I LOVE Models at Milan Fashion Week SS15, included the beautiful faces of Ryan Barrett, Travis Smith, Gordon Bothe, Philipp Schmidt, Abiah Hostwedth, Tarik Lakehal, Tomek Szalanski, Wang Rui, Pascal de Wolff, Sebastian Brice, Jonathan and Kevin Sampaio, Misa Patinszki, Adam Lindholm, Kristoffer Hasslevall and Ilias Avantiras.

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