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Introducing the new face from 40 Graus Models the sexy Nilo Lima, captured by talented Jeff Segenreich. Every day more, the Brazilians are getting more and more into the fashion market, watch out!


8 comments on “Nilo Lima by Jeff Segenreich

  1. I’m a sucker for pretty face, feet and Brazilian on top of that! Oh Lordy. Nilo, seems very sweet. Jeffs a master photography lately, I see his work all over net. And 40 Graus wow I wonder if they need a water boy, they sure know how to pick them.

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    Pretty Face, Feet, Brazilian, 40 Graus and Jeff Segenreich what more could you ask for? Me…

  3. Jeff Segenreich

    Tks Dannyboi2 :))))

  4. Dannyboi2 I am really thankful for your support. I am happy that you like it. Jeff is an amazing professional and I had lots of fun with this shoot. Hopefully, there will have more people like you who also appreciates it.

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    Natural beauty!

  6. Olá Ahh, que fofo, Thank YOU, Remember me when you are Famous! I’d suggest you smile more often and remember to look relaxed (have that look on your face like you just had the best sex in your life!) and you will go far. LOL my best to you and Jeff well – he’s a Master, what can I say.. Obrigado

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