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The heat of the Night.
For Miami living magazine by Gavin Harrison

Photography by Gavin Harrison

Photography assistant Chris Tilley
Lighting Carl Lickman

Styling, Amma Kye and Ant Tatton.
Hair by Jim Shaw using 24.7GO
Make-up & grooming by Martin Carter using Givenchy make-up & Givenchy Man

Imi at Model-union London
Ryan Noble and Rachel Bowler at Alan sharman.com

Shot 2,Ryan wears Black Vest by Modus Vivendi, shorts Studio 805…. boots gloves etc stylists own.

Shot 3, Imi wears, Black shirt by Givenchy
Shot 4, Rachel (head-shot) Vintage designer Jewellery incl Earrings by Christian Dior

all from Ant Tatton.
Shot 6, Ryan wears shorts from Modus Vivendi, Gloves and socks stylists own

shot 6A, shorts from N2N Bodywear
Shot 7, Rachel wears swim suit from Sandstorm Jewellery as per shot 3
Shot 5, 5a, Imi wears vintage dressing gown, string vest from Modus Vivendi, floral shorts

from studio 805, all other items stylists own
Shot 1, Ryan wears swim wear by studio 805, socks stylists own, shoes H & M
Shot 11, Ryan wears swim wear by Aussiebum vintage shoes, Rachel wears bikini by

Calima swim wear and shoes by Cavvela Kurt Geiger, Vintage Jewellery as above + necklace by Butler and Wilson.

Shot 10, Imi wears vintage leather Jacket, orange bon bon brief by Modus Vivendi
Shot 9, Ryan wears swim wear by ES
Shot 8, Imi wears floral bomber Jacket by Studio 805, swim shorts by Gabriel Crossier
Shot 12, Imi covered in Vintage floral fabric.

www.gabrielcrossier.es www.e-modusvivendi.com www.studio805.co.uk www.aussiebum.com www.sandstormluxury.com www.escollection.es www.n2nbodywear.com

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