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My fascination with the sunglasses has increased after seeing the brand Warby Parker in my summer vacation in Los Angeles, are a basic complement your wardrobe, as well as a pair of shoes, or a basic jeans. All we know is very important to protect from the sun and what better to choose a pair of sunglasses that we can complement our outfit and protect our eyes from the sun.

The brand Warby Parker delights us with modern, simple and basic shapes in sunglasses and frames easy to choose, easy to use and you can find all colors, for every occasion and most importantly, at least for me, good price handled.

The quality of the sunglasses Warby Parker is immutable, I do not think they have any nearby competition, offering durability and trust us, they are so meticulous in their service that they do not forget any details.

For men and women, who are always in search of elegance and glamour, both optical and sunglasses, they have all varieties. In fact they have a special line in collaboration with an American supermodel Karlie Kloss, who has co-designed a line of sunglasses with Warby Parker and which provide a strong design 1970’s aesthetic lightweight Japanese titanium. And the best part is that gains in buying these lenses are to benefited to Edible Schoolyard NYC works with low-income NYC public schools to build kitchens and gardens where they teach students to develop lifelong healthy habits. The donation will benefit two community farm stands in Brooklyn and East Harlem, where kids learn about food preparation in their own neighborhoods

So we have many options with Warby Parker, if you are people who like good style, unique, and care details, go get yours now! Since you feel special in them.

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