Finally the day is coming, we have to present the introduction to the #NEWFACE for Fashionably Male, we have been scouting and seeking all around for a new and fresh face and decided to feature FORD models Chicago’s Ian Sherman.

We’ve been chatting with the stunning male model for several days, and we think he’s the one for us. Kind and very accessible with us, we ask him to be the #NEWFACE for this month.  Obviously, he couldn’t refuse, and we’re now presenting this beautiful and eclectic man.  His various looks and change of mood with his images provides great depth and an eclectic portfolio.

Ian Sherman is an American native and graduated from Michigan State University, studied Kinesiology, a man with a lot of self-security, and has always known what he wants in life.

6’1 with beautiful blue/green eyes, Ian belongs to this new range of models FORD models presents, carefully chosen according to the taste of the varied clientele they work for.  We know that belonging to a Premier Modeling Agency is extremely rewarding if the model follows the steps of his manager.

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Also attached for your basic information, as it was and how he was discover, their hobbies, and their purpose in life, Ian Sherman has earned all based effort and achieved great things, besides his studies and his career has always been on the lookout for fashion and arts, as well as his role model is David Gandy.

AGE: 24

BIRTH DATE: December 25th 1989


ETHNIC ORIGIN: Russian…could be more.



HOW WERE YOU SCOUTED: Cousin referred me to a talent scout in the area.  My family was always after me to get into the industry.

FAVOURITE GROOMING PRODUCT:  Santal cologne, thanks to my sister I got a free sample of this fragrance once George Clooney released it to the public.

FAVORITE FOOD:  Nothing like “fall off the bone” BBQ ribs.

HOBBIES:  Golf, Basketball, Health, all types of ART and FASHION

FITNESS REGIME:  Cardio 5 times per week, new found passion for yoga, and doing mostly body resistance exercises with no weights.  It’s all you need. Recently been making some health shakes as well, great way to lean out.

FAVORITE MOVIE: TOUGH; I’ll go with The Talented Mr. Ripley and Avatar

GUILTY PLEASURE:  Eating Cookies and Cream Ice Cream out of the gallon with an oversized spoon.

DISLIKE: People who want to be someone else!


IF YOU GOT TO RELIVE ONE DAY IN YOUR MODELING CAREER: When I bought my first professional portfolio and filled it up with my work.  It was a great set goal I’ll always remember achieving.

WHO ARE YOUR IDOLS: Michael Jackson, Elvis, Chris Brown, Michael Jordan, LeBron James.  And, in the modeling world, David Gandy.

WHAT WAS THE LAST THING TO MAKE YOU LAUGH OUT LOUD:  Looking at an old picture of my best friend in a photo booth cropped into a bridal gown, making priceless expressions.


Ian, thank you so much for contribute to your image, and you want to give this little direct exposure to our readers and visitors to our site. Keep it up with this good performance you have done in recent times.

  1. Congratulations, Ian Sherman. Izzy, ahh so sweet, You have a beautiful smile. Best of Luck!

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    Izzy, This months #NEWFACE for Fashionably Male!

  3. Excelent post ! 😀

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  5. […] am very glad to see again Ford Model Ian Sherman in fresh new snaps by Steven Chellappa. Ian got the looks, has a beautiful toned body, perfect bone […]

  6. […] am very glad to see again Ford Model Ian Sherman in fresh new snaps by Steven Chellappa. Ian got the looks, has a beautiful toned body, perfect bone […]

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