Conde Thomas

GRAVITY | Conde Thomas by Calvin Brockington

Conde Thomas Conde Thomas Conde Thomas Conde Thomas Conde Thomas Conde Thomas Conde Thomas Conde Thomas

New guy on the scene Conde Thomas 21yo, discovered by Photographer Calvin Brockington, explained to us:

“Conde, has had a passion for modeling since he was a little boy. Now at 21 years old, Conde is an accomplished makeup artist and dancer. I wasn’t aware of his love for modeling until after the shoot was over. i guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, he did so well in front of the camera, that I should have known. This is Conde’s first test shoot, and I have to say that he is a fearless young man and eager to learn more. After the shoot, Conde said to me, that I’ve ignited his passion again for modeling and now he is all in. Hope you like this set, I named it, Gravity. the reason for that is, While chatting with Conde, I realized that people go through life and often leave their passions just to get by in life. And all the things we have to go through and get through, just to live, can get you down, to the point that you forget what makes you the happiest”. -Calvin Brockington.

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